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The effectiveness of enforcement programme in promoting proper helmet wearing among motorcyclists in precinct 8, Putrajaya
  1. Y Ghani,
  2. N F Mohd Soid,
  3. N Isah,
  4. S Saleh
  1. Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, Malaysia


    Background In 2010, there were 120 156 crashes involving motorcyclists in Malaysia. Overall, the motorcycle riders and pillions were over represented with 4036 (58.7%) deaths. The higher number of deaths often associated with head injuries due to improper helmet wearing. Even at the nation's administrative capital Putrajaya, road crashes among motorcyclists are rampant. Therefore, an initiative was taken by introducing the ‘Safe City Concept’ which emphasised on Community Based Programme (CBP) to improve the state of road safety among motorcyclists. A series of enforcement programme was initiated by the community, enforcement agencies, and local authority.

    Objectives The study was carried out to determine effectiveness of the 6-month enforcement programme by focusing on the percentage of proper helmet wearing.

    Methods A 2 h observation programme was executed weekly in Precinct 8, Putrajaya, specifically targeting at motorcyclists. The percentage of proper helmet wearing rate among motorcyclists was measured before, during, and after the enforcement programme was carried out.

    Results A total of 2949 motorcyclists were observed. The study highlighted that the proper helmet wearing in Precinct 8 was twice as higher during the enforcement programme as compared to before enforcement programme (RR=2.2.537; 95% CI 2.019 to 3.187). Female motorcyclists were 2 times more likely to wear helmet properly as compared to male (with OR=2.1243; 95% CI 1.510 to 2.989).

    Significance to the Field The study concluded that enforcement programme in Precinct 8, Putrajaya was proven effective in increasing the proper helmet wearing compliance. Findings of the study can act as guidelines for programme design and implementation.

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