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Accidental casualties and deaths in India due to un-natural causes, 2009–2010
  1. Mohapatra Bikash,
  2. Samantray Surendra Nath
  1. Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents, 1163 Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack-753004, Odisha, India


    In India, a total of 678 326 cases of ‘Un-Natural Accidents’ caused 359 583 deaths and rendered 503 932 people injured during 2010. The age-group-wise distribution of Accidental Deaths by various Un-Natural Causes along with their share in total deaths is presented in this secondary study. The ‘Accidental Deaths’ due to Un- Natural Causes were mainly on account of ‘Road Accidents’ (37.2%), Railway Accidents and Rail-Road accidents (7.7%), ‘Poisoning’ (7.8%), ‘Drowning’ (7.8%), ‘Sudden Deaths’ (7.6%) and ‘Fire Accidents’ (6.8%). The number of cases of Un-natural accidents at the National level has increased by 4.7% (from 647 904 in 2009 to 678 326 in 2010) as compared to previous year. The number of persons injured has increased by 1.6% (from 496 190 in 2009 to 503 932 in 2010) while the number of persons killed in these accidents has increased by 7.4% (from 334 766 in 2009 to 359 583 in 2010). The Accident cases due to ‘Stampede’ have decreased by 93.0% (from 1532 in 2009 to 107 in 2010) and cases of ‘Killed by animals’ have decreased by 13.3% from 1293 in 2009 to 1121 in 2010 while cases due to ‘Air crash’ increased by 75.0% from 8 in 2009 to 14 in 2010. The proportion of male injured and killed due to un-natural causes in the country was 80.5% and 77.6% respectively of the total such injuries and deaths. 93.4% of injuries and 37.2% of deaths were due to Road Accidents only at the National level. Males out-numbered females in all kinds of accidental casualties except ‘Fire Accidents’ where 66.6% of those killed were females as compared to 33.4% males. The study revealed that accidents due to ‘Un-Natural Causes’ are preventable in nature and can be reduced by adopting adequate safety measures.

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