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Injury situation in Vietnam in 2005–2010 and preventive strategies in 2011–2015
  1. MA Luong1,
  2. TQT Khieu1,
  3. TN LTran1,
  4. TTH Nguyen1,
  5. LT Pham2
  1. 1Health Environment Management Agency, Ministry of Health of Vietnam
  2. 2Department of Planning and Finance, Ministry of Health of Vietnam


    Background Vietnam has the national policy 2002–2010 and many interventions and prevention activities have been deployed but injuries number is still high.

    Objectives To evaluate the injury situation and describe the injury preventive strategies (IPSs) in 2012–2015 in Vietnam.

    Methods All causes specific mortality in communes and injury cases in health facilities in 2005–2010 were collected; IPSs in 2012–2015 were reviewed.

    Results The results showed that in 2010 the injury morbility rate was 1510/100 000, increase 9.8% more than in 2005. Male morbility was higher than female. Injury mortality rate was 10–12% of the total deaths every year. During 2005–2010, the average rate of mortality injury was 44.3/100 000 populations. The trend of injury mortality rate was decreased from 46.55 to 42.69 per 100 000 populations. Three leading causes of death were road traffic (19.56/100 000), drowning (7.93/100 000) and suicide (4.81/100 000). In 2011–2015, injury preventive strategies are consolidating steering committee, increasing budget; strengthening IEC activities; improving surveillance system; enhancing the trauma care capacity; developing at least 200 Vietnamese safe communities; decreasing injury mortality by 40/100 000 in 2015.

    Significance The study described a great number of complicated injury situation in Vietnam. To deal with this problem, a total and comprehensive implementing national injury prevention plan should have been continued in Vietnam.

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