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Evaluation of enforcement programme to increase seatbelt use: a case study in precinct 8, Putrajaya
  1. Y Ghani,
  2. N Isah,
  3. S Saleh,
  4. N F Mohd Soid
  1. Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, Malaysia


    Background Road safety issue is a major problem in Malaysia, with close to 7000 deaths are recorded every year. The government has introduced a number of intervention programmes nationwide to reduce fatalities. At the nation's administrative capital Putrajaya, in particular, the government in 2011 has embarked on a ‘safe city’ programme, emphasising on road safety issues through a community-based programme. The Precinct 8 was chosen for the intervention programmes that emphasis on enforcement, education, and campaign for a 6-month period.

    Objectives It aimed to evaluate the percentage of seatbelt use among the community before, during, and after the intervention period.

    Methods To measure the effectiveness of the programme, a scientific research via observation was carried out.

    Results A total of 9487 all type of car occupants in Precinct 8, Putrajaya were observed. The study revealed that seatbelt use increased from 42% to 58%, before and during the enforcement period, respectively. The post enforcement period, however, revealed that the percentage of seatbelt compliance has decreased to 55%. A χ2test for independence indicated a significant association between enforcement programme period and seatbelt use, χ2 (2, 9487)=202.36, p=0.0001. Car occupants were one time more likely to use seatbelts during enforcement programme as compared to before enforcement programme was implemented (with RR: 1.371, 95% CI 1.31 to 1.44).

    Significance to the Field The study concluded that the dosage of enforcement directly contributed to the seatbelt compliance. The study can be replicated in terms of programme design and implementation in other communities.

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