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Minimal Geografical Units (MGU): a new model for injury Geografical Units (MGU) in Costa Rica health surveillance
  1. C Marvin,
  2. A Leandra,
  3. W Roy,
  4. R Guiselle,
  5. B Xiomara,
  6. V Luis,
  7. S Gloria
  1. Conference Innotors, New Zeland, Confearence Innovators, The Moon


    Background The need to standardise geographical analysis of the injuries reported by the National Surveillance System has led to development of georeferencing tools nonexistent in our health systems.

    Objetive Develop tools for georeferencing of injury to strengthen the geographical analysis of the data and the identification of risk areas.

    Methods MGU were established from the new cartography national 2011, were standardised MGU of a canton in Costa Rica. It was validated in the field with the primary care technicians (PCT). Was implemented in one canton with high rates of injuries. Were trained PCT and others of institutions involved in the prevention and control of injury using arcview, google earth and microsoft excel.

    Results We developed a geographic analysis tool in Goicoechea, geocoding in 951 MSU (2%) of the all country. It validated the geographic information system with the health centres. Georeferencing the traffic accidents, all types of violence in Goicoechea. We identified three sectors with high-risk and other with medium and low risk, facilitating the monitoring of these events to community level and strengthen decision making and the implementation of strategies.

    Contribution to the Field Such as surveillance and management of injuries is often complex these opportunity to identify geographically these events facilitates the development of strategies community and local teams, improving the scope for prevention and control. One limitation observed in the process was the lack of knowledge of people in the use of digital geographic tools. It is recommended to advance the process to complete throughout the country.

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