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  1. J Pearse
  1. NCIS, Australia


    Background New Zealand coronial data will soon be added to the Australian collection of reported deaths on the National Coroners Information system (NCIS). Data from this internet-based system are accessible to approved users to inform death investigations and public health and safety.

    Aim/Objectives/Purpose To review progress and barriers to meeting NCIS objectives and to highlight achievements based on NCIS data.

    Methods Reviews were conducted of user outcomes, coroners' findings, information requests, and a literature search to identify and quantify NCIS uptake. Barriers to progress were assessed in terms of inconsistencies in data, timeliness, availability of attached reports and coding errors.

    Results/Outcome More than 50 journal publications were found to be based on NCIS data, and there have been many resulting citations. NCIS data has influenced policy, regulation and safety campaigns in the areas of self-extinguishing cigarettes, child blind cord strangulation, and mobility scooters. In terms of barriers, to date only four of eight Australian jurisdictions are using a standardised national police form, between 20 and 30% of cases quality assured have at least one coding inconsistency needing correction, and some jurisdictions are not yet providing comprehensive full documentation for system attachment.

    Significance/Contribution to the Field Despite being a relatively mature information system, the NCIS has scope for further development. The system is widely used and has contributed to a considerable body of research and publications and has impacted on important regulations and policies.

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