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Transportation safety issues: the student experience and their solutions
  1. G Wood, *,
  2. P Lalor
  1. Rosmini College, Auckland, New Zealand


    Millions of people each day move from their home to a place of work, a school, shop, or to engage in social and or leisure activity. Experts examine this flow and the volume and efficiency of these movements to understand and cater for an increasing population growth and displacement. As people, goods and vehicles move there are inherent risks of delay and injury. The associated health issues were identified, examined and solutions proposed. This unique study carried out by students at several schools and across multiple ages sought to learn if the student own transport experience constructs a different view than that of the experts and if different solutions might emerge. Two hundred young people (Average age 11–12 years) were divided into 13 work groups.

    Each group examined an aspect of transport within the Auckland North region (New Zealand: North Shore-Rodney). With the mentor of older students (17–18 years) the groups examined closely the safe transit of: cars, pedestrian, school buses, bicycle of roads, etc. Each group worked within a wiki environment and surveyed users and expertise. Findings and recommendations will be reported at the World Injury Prevention Conference in October 2012. Close examination through student eyes is expected to provide a better understanding of urban transport related hazards and their prevention. The students acknowledge the kind assistance of Ms Kelly Strong and Ms Toni Dale, Auckland Transport.

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