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Black spot identification on the expressway network to a guideline of road safety improvement in Bangkok of Thailand
  1. Jantakat Yaowaret1,
  2. Kangkhajitre Chanida2
  1. 1Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, 744 Suranarai Road, Muang District, Nakhonratchasima province, Thailand
  2. 2Department of Rural Roads, 156 Moo 6, toongkuanjean, Kuanlung, Hatyai, Songkhla province, Thailand


    The problem of deaths and injuries is currently acknowledged to be a global phenomenon with authorities virtually in all countries of the world. The study intends to identify the black spot locations along the expressway network in Bangkok from the accident database of the Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (ETA). Then this is presented on the satellite imagery webcasted by Google Earth. In this analysis, accident characteristics indicate to accident cause, crash type, vehicle involvement and accident time periods 1998–2005. It reveals that the most frequently occurred accidents are road side crashes of single-vehicle due to the careless driving during day time. On contrary, the most severity crashes are from lost controlled vehicles during night time. To compare the black spot locations of this study with the potential problem locations reported in the recent road safety audit reports. This study reconsiders the black spot locations depend on two parameters, of the three mentioned parameters which indicated 30 locations are black spot locations. Those locations are finally figured the satellite imagery on Google Earth which is proposed supplementary tool to accommodate the visualisation of all related users.

    Key words: Black spot identification, the expressway network, road safety improvement, Bangkok of Thailand

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