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Using attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours to shape a Cambodian motorcycle helmet campaign
  1. D Roehler1,2,
  2. S Sann3,
  3. P Kim4,
  4. M Florian5,
  5. M Sidik5,
  6. M. Ballesteros1
  1. 1Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, USA
  2. 2McNeal Professional Services, USA
  3. 3Handicap International Belgium, Cambodia
  4. 4Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, Cambodia
  5. 5Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, Vietnam


    Background As the number of motorcyclists in Cambodia increases, so do motorcycle-related injuries. Injuries decrease as helmet use increases. Campaigns addressing this issue will be more effective if they are based on prior knowledge and barrier of helmet use.

    Aims/Objectives/Purpose To determine the prevalence of helmet use and reasons for non-use among motorcycle riders in Cambodia.

    Methods We conducted helmet observations and roadside interviews in five Cambodian provinces.

    Results/Outcomes Trained researchers observed helmet use for drivers of 71.4% at 9:00, 68.2% at noon, 62.7% at 17:00, and 47.8% at 19:00. For passengers, researchers observed rates of 6.6% at 9:00, 7.9% at noon, 6.3% at 17:00, and 4.7% at 19:00. Most drivers and passengers older than 16 years who reported that they regularly wear a helmet said they do so because it can save their life (96% and 98%, respectively). The most common reasons for not consistently wearing a helmet were: (1) ‘factors that depend on where I drive,’ (2) ‘I forgot’, (3) ‘inconvenient/uncomfortable’. We found that 91% of riders get their road safety information from the television. Parents reported their children do not regularly wear a helmet because they are ‘too young’ (37%) or they are ‘riding close to home in their neighborhood’ (17%).

    Significance/Contribution to the Field Helmet use varied greatly between drivers and passengers by time of day. As a result of these data, we have launch a television campaign focused on passengers and emphasising the importance of wearing a helmet anytime they are on a motorcycle.

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