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Analyzing the process for design of media campaign against drunk driving—road safety in ten countries (RS 10 project) in India
  1. A Arora
  1. WHO Country Office for India


    Objective To investigate the process for development of creative for print, radio and television campaign against drunk driving.

    Methods The media campaign was designed to target audience aged between 18 and 45 years. Focus group discussions were organised with different groups comprising of the targeted segment.

    Prepared visuals with varying messages were shared with the audience to gauge their reaction. In-person interviews were also conducted to remove any bias arising out of shared responses from the group. Same theme was used for content development for different media. This was critical to reinforce the message among the audience, through radio, television and print.

    Results Some of the key findings from the focus group were:

    • The campaign message has to be clear, concise and catchy. The audience related more with existing tag lines. It helps reinforce the message which they have already been receiving and are aware of.

    • The visual should be extreme (hard hitting images showing blood and a badly injured person) to register and have any impact. There was no aversion to the use of gory images, which may be due to the fact that the audience is exposed, through TV soaps and movies.

    • The recall of enforcement related messaging and visuals was relatively weak. This was partly due to the poor image of the police for on ground implementation.

    Significance The investigation provided pointers for the development of the media campaign. Effectiveness of the campaign was ascertained by an independent third party, which validated the findings and confirmed the results.

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