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Safer future for victims of intimate partner violence: evidence from an effective training program for teachers in Bulgaria
  1. P Trendafilova
  1. Medical University—Sofia, Faculty of Public Health, Sofia, Bulgaria


    Background Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a problem with serious health, psychological, social and economic consequences not only for victims but for the whole society.

    Aims The aim of this study was to address teachers‘ training needs on IPV issue by providing additional information on prevention, recognition and combating violence, as well as teaching methods and tools specific for IPV.

    Methods Series of trainings have been organised to support teachers on this sensitive issue. The study is based on the data collected from health care teachers at age range 34–59-years-old who attended the training program.

    Results The majority of participants with teaching experience between 1 year and 39 years agreed that during the training program they met new partners to collaborate with (92%). Secondly, they learned new information and research results and got support in teaching the problem of IPV. The study results show that 73% of participants will recommend the training program and 69% of the teachers will try to implement the issue in their curriculum or training courses. According to teachers role plays, case studies and examples are the best methods to teach IPV.

    Significance Acquiring up to date knowledge, new teaching methods and tools will contribute to better understanding of the problem and will result in effective interventions for victims of IPV.

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