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Community response to Domestic Violence (DV): lessons learnt from interventions in Vietnam and policy suggestions
  1. Le Thi Phuong Mai
  1. UNFPA Viet Nam


    Background Domestic violence (DV) is a problem in Vietnam. During last decades, DV has been given greater attention by community as well as authorities at different levels as its seriousness is recognised by public. In 2007, Vietnam issued DV law. In addition, there have been several interventions addressing DV in several provinces.

    Objectives This paper reviewed the lessons learnt from pilot intervention models in community and health care facilities and provides recommendations for a comprehensive strategy to address DV in Vietnam.

    Methods Review and analysis existing data, reports on intervention on DV in Vietnam.

    Results Community interventions conducted by NGOs and Government during 2000–2010 included campaigns, operation of social support network (legal support, shelter houses, clubs of survivors, etc). The interventions in health facilities include screening, assessing, treatment, counseling, and referring victims to other supporting addresses.

    Although interventions have brought positive changes in community in addressing DV, there are several challenges: Traditional norms and values supporting gender inequality still exist, especially in rural area. Health care response to DV has yet to be widely implemented in hospitals. Lack of human resources and collaboration mechanism between sectors affect to sustainability of interventions.

    Significance/Contribution to the Field Recommendations for a comprehensives strategy to response to DV include: (i) strengthening evidence based advocacy for policy response to DV and monitoring the policy implementation; (ii) implementing a minimum package on DV including safety planning, emergency shelter, support and/or counseling, and legal and health services; (iii) advocacy for community responsibility to addressing DV.

    At the end of this session, participants will be able to learn more best practices and challenges for implementation of interventions addressing the DV in the community, how to best support to victims and encourage health providers actively participate into battle with DV. In addition, recommendations for a comprehensives strategy responding to violence against women in community in Viet Nam will be shared and considered by countries that having a similar culture context situation.

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