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Adverse childhood experiences of young adults in Latvia
  1. Feldmane Jana
  1. Ministry of Health of republic of Latvia 72, Brivibas Str. Riga LV-1039, Latvia


    Violence against children is actually as serious public health, human rights, legal and social issue in Latvia. Currently there is a significant amount of information available about the negative long term influence of adverse childhood experience on human health. Goal of the survey was to identify the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences among young adults of Latvia and analyse data on self evaluation of health conditions of respondents and health complaints in relation to adverse childhood experiences. Method of survey was printed questionnaires to be filled by respondents. Study was conducted in five biggest cities of Latvia. Target group of this study was students of secondary schools and professional schools 18-year-old and older. 1223 successful filled questionnaires were used for data analysis. Results of survey shows that in total only 16.9% of respondents have not got serious adverse experience during their childhood. Respondents who have got serious adverse experiences have worse health behavior (30% of them smoked and 27% started smoke before 14 age; 45.1% of them have problems with alcohol use and 33% used narcotic substances) and have different health complains and worse health self assessment (43% of them have bad health self assessment). 34% of these students seek medical advice more then five times a year. Results of survey will be used for development of new policy on prevention of domestic violence.

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