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Domestic violence in the city of Beira
  1. B Cebola1,
  2. A Zacarias2,
  3. F Virgilio2
  1. 1Ministry Of Health, Beira, Mozambique; 2Ministry Of Health, Maputo, Mozambique


    Introduction Consciousness of Gender Violence is lacking among the majority of Mozambican citizens. The campaign against Domestic Violence has begun, but much still needs to be done. We expect to see improvements, but unfortunately we can‘t compare this study with previous studies as none exist.

    Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique after Maputo.

    Objective To characterise Violence and Trauma among women, who were examined by the Forensic Department at the Beira Central Hospital?

    Material and Methods The Forensic Data reviewed, except fatal cases, corresponds to the period from the 1st July to 31st December 2011. The following variants were included: gender, occupation, marital status, reoccurring violence, perpetrator, types of violence, etc; obtained from 1211 sample cases. Epiinfo, word and Excel were used for data input/output.

    Results and Conclusion The incidence of injury and violence per gender was 55% and 45%, for male and female respectively; 88% of all domestic violence corresponded to women victimisation; the burden of domestic violence among women was 28%; re-victimisation occurrences—73%; 78% of Domestic Violence was perpetrated by an intimate partner, and 71% of women were unemployed.

    1. In the home environment there is a higher risk of domestic violence for women, than for males.

    2. Domestic Violence in Beira is mostly of a gender nature.

    3. The higher rate of reoccurring violence among unemployed women is most likely to be associated with Gender Inequity.

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