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Domestic violence in San Jose De Ocoa, Dominican Republic 2008–2011
  1. W Casado1,
  2. R Skewes2
  1. 1Heath Direcction Province, San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic; 2Gerenal Epidemiological direcction of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic


Background Domestic violence (VIF) is by its high rates and negative impact on family and society a health problem. On women negative repercussion are bigger than HIV/TB, presenting an average rate of 9 years less than women with normal life. In1997 the Dominican Republic enacted the Law 24–97 on Domestic Violence (PIV), thus constituting a crime, data were not recorded prior to this date. The aim is to describe domestic violence in San Jose de Ocoa during 2008–2011.

Methods We describe the events of domestic violence in San Jose de Ocoa during 2008/2011.Investigation was made according to Dominican Republic norms, data were obtained from record books of the Provincial Prosecutor and institutions that provide assistance to victims. Data were analysed with Epi-Info 3.5, and Excel-97 and presented in tables, maps and graphs by epidemiological variables.

Results The annual rate was158 per 100 000 habitants, presenting the highest recorded for 2011.The municipality of San José de Ocoa reported 77% (339/439), providing the sectors increased incidence in ‘Down town/village up/San Antonio neighborhood.’ At home there were 62% of cases, the rest are reported on public roads, work and school. The 79% (345/439) of affected are women between 15–49 years and 82% (360/439) of the attacks came from the male, being familiarly linked as partners. Do Drug and Alcohol appear to influence in domestic violence. Psychological violence was reported in 49% (215/439) and physical 30% (134/439) were the main forms of presentation.

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