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Sexual violence during pregnancy and women's perception on current abortion in rural Bangladesh
  1. Biswas Animesh,
  2. Dalal Koustuv,
  3. Halim Ma,
  4. Rahman Fazlur


    Background Intimate partner violence (IPV) is identified as a public health and a human rights issue in both low and high income countries. In developing countries, prevalence of IPV range from 9.7% to 30%. Fact suggests that abused women encounter reproductive health problems including abortions. IPV in Bangladesh is reported as acute socio medical problem. Objective: To determine the prevalence of sexual violence during pregnancy by the husband and women's perceptions on the current abortion.

    Method A rural level hospital based study cross sectional study. A structured pre tested questionnaire was used and 71 women were purposively selected who had admitted in the hospital due to abortion from July to Dec.07. Descriptive analysis of the quantitative data was performed.

    Results Mean age of women was 25, more than 38% didn't have any education and most of them had low socio economic conditions. More over 55% of women and her husband took current aborted fetus without planning. However median age of current abortion was 90 days. Near about 57% women faced sexual violence in last 4 months, moreover 26% faced once a week in where 17% faced sexual violence twice a week. More than 35% women believed that current abortion happened due to husband's sexual violence.

    Significance Sexual violence during pregnancy has identified a serious health problem in rural Bangladesh which was connected with mothers‘ perception on current abortion. It has an intense immediate and long-term consequence on women's physical and mental health.

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