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Who are you? Prevention of alcohol related sexual violence
  1. Hannah Cranston Wellington1,
  2. Russell Duncan2
  1. 1Sexual Abuse Network; 2Radio Network


Background Sexual violence can often be prevented if someone does something…however small. Being an ethical bystander is all about doing little things, long before we get to the point of harm. ‘Who Are You?’ is a multi-media sexual violence prevention campaign focused on what we can do to stop a possible sexual assault from happening. The campaign asks what if we:

• looked after each other?

• became ‘ethical’ bystanders?

• took action to help keep others safe?

Aim This project aims to bring key messages to the public, particularly young people to:

• improve understanding of issues around consent

• be empowered to help others

• encourage community discussion

Method The campaign was run in Wellington (New Zealand) in October 2011 and later nationally in February 2012. It utilised radio segments which link listeners to a powerful short film via the internet and invites people to take small actions to help keep others safe.

The campaign is a local collaboration between a commercial radio network, sexual violence and health services, and the Police.

Results Engagement with the campaign met all set targets. There were over 48 000 views of the film and over 62 000 unique visits to a dedicated website. Facebook and direct visits were the highest ranked means by which people accessed our short film.

Significance/Contribution There has been interest both nationally and internationally from those working with young people in using the campaign materials, particularly the film as a prevention resource. A comprehensive training toolkit was developed to accompany the film.

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