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Community based study of drinking and driving in North Indian city
  1. Bhatia Vikas,
  2. Puri Sonia,
  3. Kaur Amritpal,
  4. Bala Kiran
  1. Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Chandigarh, India


    Background One-third men in India consume alcohol as per national survey. Almost 70% of alcohol in south-east Asia is produced in India. Drinking and driving remains a challenge in reducing RTA's in the country.

    Objectives Study was conducted to understand various epidemiological features such as prevalence, pattern, frequency related with alcohol consumption and find out prevalence of driving following drinking.

    Methods Community based study was conducted in urban, rural and slum setting in Chandigarh having 1.1 million people. Information was collected by interviewing 578 men of 18 years and above and recording on standardised format in 2011–2012.

    Results Study constituted 57.1% urban, 16.8% rural and 26.1% slum population. Socio-economic profile was: Illiteracy in 16.9%, unskilled workers 34.4%, married 78.1%. Current alcohol consumption was observed in 160 persons (27.7%) which was 23% in urban, 33% in rural and 34.4% in slum. Pattern of drinking was occasional in 43.1%, mild in 23.8%, moderate in 10% and heavy in 23.1%. Overall 57.5% subjects reported to drive after alcohol consumption—highest in slums (65.5%) followed by urban (63.2%) and rural (31.3%) community. Only 3.9% were checked for breath test.

    Conclusion Alcohol consumption is public health problem with nearly one-third drinking in slum and rural and one-fourth in urban areas. One in three were moderate to heavy drinkers. Drinking and driving—a high risk factor for RTA's was observed to exist in majority of population. Enforcement of law needs to be enforced strictly for road safety.

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