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A study on undergraduate suicidal ideation and coping setback manner in China
  1. GB Chi,
  2. SY Wang,
  3. MH Xia
  1. Medical College of Jinan University, Guangzhou, China 510632


    Background Undergraduate are the high risk population in suicide, their incidence rate is higher than other younger people. Suicidal ideation is the risk factor of suicide. Some domestic scholars on suicidal ideation have studied, but the influence factors are still not very clear. Our aim is to explore when undergraduate suffer setbacks adopt different coping manner and suicidal ideation relationship.

    Purpose To understand the undergraduate when they encounter setback the manner and should to the way, analyse it with to have the suicidal ideation reciprocity, for strengthens the college student anti-setback ability education.

    Methods Using cluster sampling survey to investigate 780 college students.

    Results When college student encountered the setback attack, the positive attitude to score points is 1.82, negative is 1.17. Suicidal ideation picking out rate is 7.4%, male student more than female, has 1.7 times. The coping setback manner and the suicidal ideation have statistically significant difference. Positive manner students have the suicidal ideation fewer (t=4.87, p=0.001), negative manner students have the suicidal ideation many (t=3.32, p=0.001). Female student, student's family for his university burden is not difficult, they can adopt a positive attitude to deal with the setback. But father's occupation, the living expenses originate to loan, these students have negative attitude when they face setback.

    Significance When the undergraduate encountered setback, held the negative manner to have suicidal ideation proportion to be higher. So, when undergraduate suffer setback attack, transforms their negative manner, it will effectively cut off the suicidal ideation, to prevent the suicide behaviour.

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