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Analytical laboratory safety in Kmutt, Thailand
  1. Chaisawadi Suchada,
  2. Suwanyeun Solot
  1. Energy Environment Safety and Health Office, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, 126 Prachauthit Road, Bangmod, Thungkru, Bangkok, 10140, Thailand


    Background Analytical laboratory is the high risk workplace that may harm to health and safety of the operator. The main hazards in analytical laboratory came from chemical and biological substance and need to have proper safety management.

    Objectives To develop the appropriated safety management system and safety workplace for analytical laboratory operators.

    Methods The developed system consists of three main parts including (1) Chemical and hazardous waste management (2) Safety management by safety training with proper safety equipments /personal protective equipment (PPE) providing (3) Risk assessment. The system has been implemented in eight pilot analytical laboratories in KMUTT, Thailand for 1 year (January 2011–December 2011).

    Results/Outcome The studied results showed 1630 chemicals usage and13, 299 kilograms generated in the pilot laboratories. Safety training with proper safety equipments/PPE has been provided for all laboratory operators. Risk assessment have been performed and indicated that 72.22% meet a standard safety workplace, 98% passed safety training course, 80% used PPE for their work and 100% have their yearly medical check according to the hazard risk.

    Conclusions Low risk for all laboratories operators in this study has been concluded.

    As a result of this study, the developed safety system can help to maintain a sustainable management to all staffs and help to make safety workplace for all who work in analytical laboratory.

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