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Occupational ATV-related injuries in Washington State's agricultural industry, 2004–2008
  1. Helmkamp Jim,
  2. Bonauto Dave,
  3. Spann Cody,
  4. Aitken Mary
  1. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Western States Office, NIOSH, and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR USA


    Background All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are used in many work applications and are associated with work-related injury and deaths.

    Objective To describe injuries and WC costs among agriculture workers hurt using ATVs at work.

    Methods Washington (WA) State Workers’ Compensation (WC) State Fund data (2004–2008) were used to identify suspected ATV injury claims; medical records were reviewed for work-related ATV injury. Emphasis was on Crop Production-CP, Animal Production-AP, and Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry-SA workers.

    Results 251 claims were identified with 55% from workers in CP (109), AP (18) or SA (13). Total indemnity ($675 782) and medical ($651 496) costs represented 70% of total compensable costs incurred. Fractures were the most common (49%) injury (median medical cost ∼$5700). Nearly 37% (18) of claims identified overturn/rollover, followed by caught in/struck by ATV at 27% (13). Highest median indemnity costs were for workers who slipped/fell ($11 217) from the ATV. Highest median medical costs were to workers caught in/struck by the ATV ($10 081); this injury had the highest median number of loss days (217). The 5-year injury rate among CP/ AP workers was 57/ 100 000 FTEs.

    Conclusions This study is the first to describe injuries to agriculture workers using ATVs at work. Types of injuries events were similar to patterns for ATV recreational use.

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