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The circumstances favouring the worker accidents in the buildings and public works industry in Kenitra city and in its area (Morocco)
  1. D Raougui1,2,
  2. A Ahami1,
  3. Y Aboussaleh1,
  4. M Fadli1,
  5. A Sbayi1
  1. 1Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco
  2. 2Labor regional inspection, Kenitra, Morocco


    Background The construction sector is very active for the Moroccan economy. However working accidents are parts of this sector problems.

    Aims This paper provides an analysis of circumstances that characterise the work of all victims.

    Methods Data was collected from labour accident regional registry. All the 306 people that were reported in 2008 and 2009 as having suffered an accident at work in the construction sector and whose record of accident was tabled at the Delegation of Employment Kenitra north west of Morocco.

    Results The results showed that the masses in motion and the machines, that is, tools that require alertness of the worker have caused many accidents at work in the studied area. Similarly, the majority of accidents have occurred in the afternoon which is day moment when the fatigue is most felt by the worker. Accidents are also; more common during periods when the ambient heat is relatively high (summer or autumn). These high heats appear to act by creating a state of psychological stress, which can reduce the degree of alertness of the worker.

    Significance Injury prevention need to be included in building in Morocco. If possible rescheduling working hours during heat season to avoid work accidents.

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