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Advocacy for injury control strategies on way to safe communities in Jaipur city, India
  1. SC Mathur
  1. Independent Public Health Specialist


    Background Visit to various ‘Safe Community’ on a travel fellowship to two Scandinavian countries gave an opportunity to author to conceptualise and replicate the intervention in a developing country where coordination between stakeholders is challenging.

    Purpose This paper underscores the problem of accidents in a fast developing urban agglomeration; identifying the opportunities to introduce the interventions to reduce the occurrence of injury in variety of settings, and steps to involve the multiple partners in injury prevention programme.

    Methods Author participated in the 4th Travelling Seminar at Karolinska University in 1994. Since then he seized every available opportunity to introduce the ‘Safe Community’ practices in Jaipur city.

    Outcome NGO's working in the field of road traffic accidents was oriented to adopt a logical approach. Traffic Police and Urban Development authorities were persuaded to incorporate the safety prevention measures in launch of new projects. Priority to helmet use by two-wheelers; seat belts in cars; traffic education in schools yielded positive results in reduction of morbidity and mortality. Advocacy measures have paved the way for launch of ‘safe community’.

    Contribution to the Field In a city where population and area is expanding rapidly, there is an urgent need to introduce the strategies in city planning and management to reduce roadside, schools, and domestic accidents. Capacity gained through participation in a travel fellowship programme was fully exploited over one-and-half decade, the results of which needs to be measured.

    1. Independent public health specialist

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