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Needlestick injuries in agriculture
  1. Taylor Anne
  1. Proactive Agricultural Safety & Support, Evandale, Tasmania, Australia


    Background Farmers vaccinate thousands of animals in any one year. It is known through surveys that up to 80% of farmers and their workers have received a needlestick injury.

    Objectives To produced a DVD to educate rural workers on:

    • The hazards of needlestick injuries especially when the vaccines are harmful to humans

    • First Aid treatment

    Results The DVD, produced in 2011, was used as a teaching aid in workshops for farmers and their advisors when educating them about Ovine Johnes Disease and an effective programme to control the spread of the disease. The DVD runs for 5 min and 34 s.

    Conclusion The feedback from viewers indicates it is a useful tool and many have recommended their peers to view it.

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