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The unexamined falls: the student experience and their solutions
  1. N Koe,
  2. G Wood, *
  1. Correspondence: Rosmini College, 36 Dominion Street, Takapuna, New Zealand


    The burden of falls by elderly persons is well documented. Unfortunately very little is known about the estimated 50–60% of elder falls that go unreported, either a result of the victim not presenting at medical care or the victim considers the fall insignificant. This student initiated project examined those unreported falls within an elder population known to them. Over 400 elderly people were surveyed in order to seek more understanding where and why these falls occurred. Findings and recommendations will be reported at the World Injury Prevention Conference in October 2012. The students acknowledge the kind assistance of Dr's J. Chester (Waitemata DHB), P. Kerstan, Auckland University of Technology and other experts who assisted them on the development of this study.

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