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Determination of risks and risk awareness for indoor and outdoor injuries in 0–5 years old children during child health surveillance
  1. Serpil Ugur Baysal,
  2. Seda Ozkan Oz,
  3. E Gulbin Gokcay
  1. UGUR BAYSAL Serpil, Dokuz Eylul University Children's Hospital, Balcova, İzmir, 35340 Turkey


    ‘Frequency of accidents and changes in accidents overtime are of the predictors of population health’ Barbara Barlow, MD

    According to the World Report by WHO-UNICEF, more than 2000 children die as a result of an unintentional injury every day. Risk factors and preventability of childhood injuries are not widely appreciated in Turkey yet. The aim of this study was to determine the risks of injuries, inquiring the risk awareness of parents during well-child visits. The parents of children among 0–5 year-age who follow up regularly at The Child Health Surveillance Clinic, Istanbul University Medical Faculty participated in the study. The parents were asked to fill a questionnaire with 60 items. They were consequently given safety counselling by a physician. The computer based statistical analysis of data was performed. Mean age was 20.09±14.85 months, median: 15 months. The rate of previous injuries was 15.3%. A total of 59.8% were boys; 95.3% were less than 4 years old. The most common cause was falls (77.1%), following by burns and foreign body aspiration. Less than 1% of children were found having no risk for any given type of accident. The risk awareness was highest for intoxications, least for burns. A total of 50.5% of parents were previously informed about injury prevention. Only 17.7% of parents believe that injuries can not be prevented. Studies for improving risk awareness must be a priority. Health professionals should spend time to inquire the risks during well child visits. Individual counselling for injury control, must be emphasized and placed in daily practice. INJURY PREVENTION IS A RIGHT FOR EVERY CHILDREN.

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