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Children's road traffic accidents in Republic of Bulgaria
  1. Staykova Jeni1,
  2. Tsolova Galya2
  1. 1Regional Health Inspectorate, 2 “General Vladimir Stoychev str,Kardzhali 6600, Bulgaria
  2. 2National Centre for Public Health and Analysis 15 “Academic Ivan Geshov” blvd., Sofia 1431, Bulgaria


    Background and Objective Children's Road Traffic Accidents (CRTA) is a question of present interest in several countries in the European Union, including in Bulgaria. The purpose of the present research is to make an analysis of children's and youths' involvement in road traffic accidents in the country, as well as to analyse the main reasons for their occurrence, with a view to the realisation of preventive activities in this direction.

    Materials and Methods The object of this research is all children up to the age of 17 who have suffered in road traffic accidents during the period 2008–2010.

    Results and Conclusion The results from the research show that for the analysed period 3 771 children have become victims in Road Traffic Accidents, 175 of them died, and 3596 of them were afflicted with different traumas with different localisation and varying degree of severity. Nearly half of the children were involved in a Road Traffic Accident as passengers (respectively 69.1% of the dead and 45.7% of the injured). In most cases, the drivers of the Road Vehicles were the parents themselves, which enforces the development and realisation of preventive activities for the children's road traffic accidents.

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