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On-line survey with story sharing on risky behaviour for home safety
  1. M Y Cui*,
  2. L Wang
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Worldwide-China, Rm.1102, Block B, Everwin Garden, 521 Wanping Road(S), Shanghai 200032, China


Problem In China, injury is the leading killer of children aged under 14; around 43% child injury occurs at home (1 survey of childhood unintentional injury patterns and parental awareness in three cities in China (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai 2004, Safe Kids Worldwide-China and National Center Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC)).

Objectives (1) To understand home injury among children through moms stories. (2) To educate moms about home safety by sharing real stories related to injuries photos among moms.

Method (1) On-line collection of household child injuries by moms telling stories and how she could change her behaviour to avoid such injuries. (2) Analyse the risky behaviours in each story. (3) Share moms stories through Internet to educate more parents.

Results (1) 5000 stories were collected with how the child was injuries and what mom could do to avoid such injuries later. (2) 2280 stories from 14 cities were quality enough for behaviour analysis. (3) The top four household injuries are falls (25%); burns including electric shocks (16.7%); cuts (9.1%) and poison (2.6%). (4) No-household injuries: injuries related to traffic is 71%; drowning is 5%.

Conclusion (1) The survey got the quality data on household injuries as moms are giving the real stories. (2) On-line story sharing made the survey as a kind of education intervention, too as moms also tell how they should do in further to avoid such injuries. (3) The survey made a great use of limited resources through on-line platform and combining survey and education intervention together.

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