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Prevention of violence in old age-role of old age centres
  1. R K Gorea*,
  2. K K Mangat,
  3. L Gorea
  1. Correspondence Department of Forensic Medicine, Gian Sagar Medical College, #4, Charan Bagh, Patiala, Punjab 147001, India


In Indian culture children are supposed to take care of the elders at home. Violence in old age is not very common in India by the persons who take care of them. But we do have some cases of violence by the guardians of the old people. Mostly it is the neglect which the geriatric population faces in the hands of their children. In some cases the children do not take care up to the expectation of the parents. Violence, negligence and not coming up to the expectations of elder people lead to frustration in the old age. Many old people adjust to such problems but many cannot do this. This leads to disharmony in the families. To avoid these problems many people who can afford they prefer to go to old age centres. At such places they are taken care of by paying some money. In this study the relative analysis of effectiveness of such old age homes versus care at home in prevention of violence and negligence will be discussed. Findings of the research carried out in old people living at home and in old age centres will be presented which will help in reducing violence to old people.

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