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Youth human rights: the role of public health interventions to contribute with young person safety
  1. E Crespin*
  1. Correspondence International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Avenida y Pasaje Juan Mora 512-A, Colonia Costa Rica San Salvador, 00001, El Salvador


Currently there is no state- sponsored programme in El Salvador for the physical and psychological rehabilitation and social reintegration of those who are left with chronic injuries as a consequence of gun violence. In mid-2006 the HD Centre commissioned an exploratory study interviewing patients and staff members at the Instituto Salvadoreo de Rehabilitacion de Invalidos (ISRI, Institute fo the Rehabilitation of the Disabled). This informal study provided interesting snapshot of the situation of survivors of gun violence. About 50% of ISRIs total patient intake consist of people with firearm related injuries. Most of them are 14–25 years old youngsters. Young person safety, mental health, right of life are part of fundamental human rights. Youth violence is one of the highest in the region. Public Health are needed to ensure youth well being, mental health and human rights for youngsters in El Salvador.

Objective To explore perception of Youth about their rights to live and grow in a safety environment free of gun violence, there is going to be explored the links between gun violence and well being as human right, the role of health workers to identify risk factors and public health interventions for the young person safety.

Methods There is going to be developed 4 focus groups of youngsters between 14 and 25 years old, one of them integrated of women, from rural and urban area in order to explore through dynamics their perception about human rights, health and safety connections.

Instruments Questionnaire The variables: young person safety, youth human rights, gun violence, risks factors and protective factors.

Results It is expected to collect information from four different regions in El Salvador as participants into the focal groups.

Conclusions Salvadoran youngsters perceived insecurity as one of their fundamental human rights being neglected in the country and there is a role to play of health workers through public health interventions improving surveillance of risks factors, protective factors, mental health and integral youth development programmes

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