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  1. Dr Etienne Krug
  1. Chair, International Organising Committee Professor Mark A. Bellis OBE Chair, National Organising Committee

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Welcome to Safety 2010, the 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. We are delighted that so many academics, practitioners and policy makers from across the globe have submitted quality papers on subjects as wide ranging as burns, occupational safety, road safety, sport injuries, patient safety, youth violence, self-harm and suicide. These papers have been peer reviewed through the International Programme Committee so that they fit together into what we hope is an inspirational, educational and entertaining programme.

The final programme and this abstract book contain over 1000 papers, representing the work of over 2000 experts. It is very much an international collection of research, policy and best practice illustrating work from over 90 countries. This year's conference theme is Safe and Equitable Communities. We are delighted that so many of the papers acknowledge and examine the disproportionate burden from almost all types of injuries that falls on the world's poorer communities and countries

Unintentional injuries and violence continue to represent major challenges to public health. We anticipate that the collection of knowledge represented by these abstracts and shared amongst delegates at Safety 2010 will help improve understanding about these challenges and the range of interventions at our disposal to meet them.

Enjoy Safety 2010 – we hope that the information provided in the scientific sessions will inspire debate and discussion at the conference and during the months that follow.