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Does regional difference modify the effects of risk behaviours, perceptions and environments on injury events?
  1. J Hong*,
  2. J Pil Cho
  1. Correspondence Center for Community Safety Promotion, School of Medicine, Ajou University, #5, Wonchon-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon City, 443-721, Republic of Korea


To investigate whether the associations of risk behaviours, perceptions and environments with injury events differ by regions.

Community surveys were conducted among a representative sample of 4214 adults (≥19) in Wonju and Hwasung cities in 2008. Risk behaviours and environments were assessed by asking about 43 questions about home and street. Risk perceptions were assessed by asking about the preventability of injuries and concerns about injuries. Injury events were defined as medically attended injuries experienced during a 12-month period. Logistic regression was used to identify factors for increased injury risk, adjusting for sex and age.

Wonju citizens experienced more injuries than Hwasung citizens. In Wonju city, risk of an injury event was increased when inserting numerous plugs into a single electrical outlet, not removing water from bathroom floors after taking a shower, placing furniture which can be climbed on near windows, electric cords on floors in high traffic walking paths, smoke detector is installed. Unlikely Wonju, Hwasung city showed more injury events in the following; touching electric outlets or cords with wet hands, high doorsills in bathroom, inconvenient walking due to poor walkway or sidewalk conditions, inconvenient walking due to obstacles on passenger ways, and waiting for a long time to use crosswalks. There was only one similar item, inconvenient walking due to narrow pedestrian ways.

Identification of specific risk behaviours, perceptions and environments, which may modify the risk of injury events, assists in the development of injury prevention measures. But these measures should take into account regional differences.

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