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Listen and learn: working with ethno-cultural communities to share injury prevention
  1. Pamela Fuselli*
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Canada/The Hospital for Sick Children, 180 Dundas Street West, Suite 2105, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Z8, Canada


Safe Kids Canada launched the Ethno-Cultural Program targeted towards providing injury prevention resources for diverse communities in Canada.

Goals To establish a national injury prevention programme that translates knowledge to diverse population in Canada.

Identified communities have access to culturally appropriate injury prevention resources for the purpose of influencing behaviour to reduce the burden of injury.

To establish collaborative relationships with appropriate key stakeholders, such as ethno-cultural agencies who serve diverse communities.

The programme has successfully developed and distributed culturally relevant safety messages for parents and community partners for the purpose of raising awareness and reducing child injuries within ethnic communities in the Greater Toronto Area – Chinese, Portuguese and Punjabi – but can be utilised across Canada. This programme sought to go beyond simple translation from one language to another, by instead engaging the communities who would benefit from injury prevention outreach in the assessment and development of the final resources. Key learnings showed that this method was effective and welcomed by the communities because of their involvement and the collaborative approach we adopted. Extensive cultural media outlets picked up the information and resulted in two million media impressions, 45 000 resources distributed and 100 community leaders engaged who now have increased capacity to provide culturally appropriate resources. This presentation will share the focus group formats, important lessons learned and the resulting resources now available in communities.

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