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Global injury surveillance opportunities and challenges
  1. M J Mello,
  2. J Pressley,
  3. S Stephens-Stidham,
  4. J Lee Annest,
  5. L A Fingerhut*
  1. Correspondence Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital, 55 Claverick Street, 2nd Floor, Providence, RI, 02903, USA


Throughout the world opportunities and challenges exist for injury surveillance including system establishment, methodology of data collection and data dissemination. Despite differences in culture and environment, there remain many common challenges to conducting injury surveillance and missed opportunities for sharing cross-national solutions that address these. This interactive workshop will utilise a panel of global injury experts to discuss strengths and limitations of existing strategies, as well as lessons learned and their applicability in different settings. Three distinct topic areas will be covered by two expert panelists for each area. Topics and panelists include: (1) methodology for population-based injury surveillance depending on available resources with Yvette Holder, International Injury Surveillance Consultant, St Lucia; Holly Hedegaard, Colorado State Department of Health, USA; (2) garnering resources and political will to create an injury surveillance infrastructure with Kidist Bartolomeos Department of Violence and Injury Prevention, WHO, Geneva; and Susan Scavo Gallagher, Tufts University, USA; and (3) providing timely access to surveillance data for use in injury prevention efforts with Lee Annest, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA; and Andres Fandino, CISAVLA Institute, Colombia. The moderator, Joyce Pressley, PhD, MPH (American Public Health Association/Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Section), will ask panelists pre-assigned questions following which the audience will have the opportunity of asking questions related to each of the topics. Panelists in each area will be encouraged to provide case examples from countries of varying resources.

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