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Youth injury risk behaviour and safety in Macedonia
  1. F Tozija*,
  2. G Dragan,
  3. B Kasapinov,
  4. D Gudeva Nikovska
  1. Correspondence Institute of Public Health of Republic of Macedonia, 50 Divizija No 6 1000 Skopje, MKD, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Youth in Macedonia face a number of health problems among which violence and injuries are dominant. The main objective of the paper is to determine the magnitude and characteristics of violence and injuries among youth at national and community level. Data from global student health survey 2007 (GSHS) conducted in Macedonia (sample of 2114 students at age 13–15) and from community-based injury survey 2008 (sample of 1200 households) have been analysed. GSHS showed that 31.3% of students had been seriously injured during the past 12 months (males more often 37.3% than females 24.9%), while 10.0% of students were bullied during the past 30 days. Community injury survey implied that most of the injuries occurred among adolescents and young people with the highest injury incidence at the age group 15–19 years, followed by aged 20–24. Injuries at school were reported by 29.3% at age 10–14 and 27.3% at age 15–19, road traffic injuries by 39.4% at age 15–19, etc. More intentional injuries were reported by males in the community survey, with the highest percentage among 20–24 olds (42.1%) and 21.9% for aged 15–19. There were no self-inflicted injuries reported in community survey, while 8.6% of students seriously considered attempting suicide in GSHS. The need for more attention, prevention and support at all levels in a social context has been highlighted. Adolescent-health joint actions have to be developed and promoted to provide safe environments.

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