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Centre for Injury and Violence Prevention (Start)
  1. I Nurmi-Luthje*,
  2. K Karjalainen,
  3. M Pauna
  1. Correspondence Centre for Injury and Violence Prevention, Salpausselankatu 22 FI-45100 Kouvola Finland, FI-45100, Finland


Introduction The purpose of the Centre for Injury and Violence Prevention is the regular compilation and monitoring of statistics on injuries, including self-harm and assaults, and the use of these statistical data in injury prevention.

Injuries are recorded and monitored

  1. On the population level using the patient information system where an injury database (injury view) has been created. The data from the first visit following an accident are recorded in the emergency rooms.

  2. On the unit level using the Internet-based TAPE injury follow-up software in child day care, schools and in hospital departments and in home care, residential care and institutional care of the older people. The units are able to see their injury data in real time as graphs.

The data are used for identifying the risk groups and implementing preventive interventions as well as for monitoring risk behaviour, treatment practices, and health and well-being. The intervention work has commenced with preventive interventions targeted at motorcyclist and cyclist injuries and falls involving senior citizens.

Conclusions The injury follow-up system as well as the preventive methods that are proven to be effective, may be introduced anywhere. Health centres and hospitals may use the injury view solution. The TAPE software is a purchasable product. Continuous, systematic follow-up is a good representation not only of accidents but also of risk behaviour in a population and, on the other hand, a populations health and well-being and changes in them over a period of time.

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