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Children safety in cars: polish measures contributing to increase the use of child restrain system
  1. M Dabrowska-Loranc,
  2. J Wacowska-Slezak*
  1. Correspondence Motor Transport Institute, Jagiellonska 80 Warsaw, 03-301, Poland


The article presents the realisation of European Road Safety Campaign in Poland. The project consisted in carrying out activities aiming at increasing the number of children properly transported in cars according to Act on Road Traffic regulations in restrains adequate for child's weight and height.

All activities leading to executing the main goal of this project were realised with the support of and in cooperation with the Police, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Transport. Motor Transport Institute was responsible for all activities undertaken within the project and its realisation in Poland. The project was realised simultaneously in 15 EU countries.

The activities encompassed media campaign adjusted to each countries specificity and addressed to children (4–12 years old) and their parents. The campaign was combined with the educational programme executed in schools and kindergartens and increased police controls. These activities were recognised in Poland as social campaigns in the field of road traffic safety realised under the banner of Armadillo club always belt up.

In 2005, at the beginning of the campaign the research showed that in Poland 52% of children were transported properly in cars while travelling.

All research carried out annually after each edition of the campaign indicated gradual increase in the number of children transported properly according to valid regulations.

Research conducted after 3 years of the campaign showed that more than 80% of children in Poland were transported properly during each car trip.

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