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Risk factors contributing to road traffic crashes in a fast developing country: the neglected health problem
  1. H R Burgut,
  2. A Bener*,
  3. H Sidahmed,
  4. R AlBuz,
  5. R Sanya,
  6. W Ali Khan
  1. Correspondence Department of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology, Weill Cornell Medical College & Hamad Medical Corporation, Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation Department of Public Health, Weill Cornell Medical College PO Box 3050, Qatar Office, Qatar


Aim The main objective of this study was to explore the patterns of road traffic crashes (RTCs) among drivers in Qatar and examine the contributing factors involved with road traffic crashes.

Design This is a cross sectional survey.

Methods The study based on 1228 drivers. Face to face interview was conducted by well-trained research assistants based on a questionnaire covering socio-demographic information, driving history, type of vehicle, driver behaviour, details of crashes and accident pattern.

Results The study revealed that 26.6% of the studied Qatari drivers were involved in RTCs. 69.4% of the drivers with history of RTCs were men. Drivers in the age group 25–34 years were involved with higher risk of having crash (31.2%). Drivers of car (45.6%), 4WD/SUV (23.5%) were more affected by the RTCs. 23.5% of drivers who had crashes were not always using seat belt while driving. Less than half of the drivers were engaged in eating and drinking (37.9%) and using mobile phone (41.9%) while driving. More than half of the drivers were involved in traffic violation (57.2%) with exceeding speed limit (25.7%). Overturn skid (17.7%), angle collision (14.3%) and rear end hit (10.7%) were the most frequently reported patterns of RTC.

Conclusion The study findings revealed the high risk of RTCs among drivers. Among the socio-demographic factors, men and young drivers of age group 25–34 years found to have a higher accident involvement.

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