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The influence of female genital mutilation on the issue of delivery and the life of newborn
  1. D Ouedraogo*
  1. Correspondence Regional Hospital of Fada Ngourma, P.O. Box 38 Fada Ngourma Burkina Faso West Africa, 38, Burkina Faso


This survey has been done in four maternity wards of Fada Ngourma in Burkina Faso from 15 June 2007 to 15 August 2007

The survey concerns those who are mutilated and not who have come for delivery during this period and results have been analysed on Epi-info 3.2.

Two hypothesies occur:

  • The practice of FGM has an influence on the issue of delivery

  • The complication of delivery may occur according to the type of female genital mutilation (FGM).

The survey has four main objectives

  • Describe the socio-demographic of women received during this period of survey

  • Describe the main type of FGM practiced in Fada Ngourma

  • Appreciate the consequences of FGM upon those who are circumcised and the issue of newborn

  • Propose some solutions to fight against FGM

This survey has only one interest – reduction of this background practice in Burkina Faso.

Data collection has been on 354 women and the survey shows really that there is the FGM is big risk to the delivery of women and constitutes one of the major leading complications during delivery, postpartum like episiotomy, caesarean section, stillbirth.

The type II and III of FGM have the highest risk that occur during delivery.

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