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A study to access the effectiveness of an instructional manual on the knowledge of parents about children in relation to selected common accidents in Iran and India
  1. Z K Mohammadi*,
  2. M Edraki
  1. Correspondence Individual, Collettsgt. 54, 0456 Oslo, Norway


Aim To find out the effectiveness of the instructional manual in the parents on their knowledge about selected common accidents and prevention of these between children.

Methodology The quasi-experimental research approach used for this study with pretest post-test comparative design .The sample size was 200 parents (100 from each country) of children between 1 and 15 years old. Structured questionnaire was developed for data collection. Experts from the field established content validity. Data collection were done. After administrating a pretest to the parents in the same day instructional manual was handed to the parents and some explanation about manual was given to them in 1.5 h and on the 15th day post-test was administered. Data gathered were analysed by using descriptive and inferential statistics based on which interpretations were made.

Results Knowledge score about selected common accident pretest in India was, ((mean 14.20, SD 4.33) & post-test was (mean 28.34, SD 3.33) t value: 54.6, p value <0.01) and among Iranian parents pretest was, (mean 18.75, SD 4.32) & post-test was (mean 26.06, SD 4.07) t value: −14.11, p value: <0.01]

Subject wise mean gain of score between pretest and post-test about information regarding to selected common accidents: ((Traffic accident: 33.8% India, 13% Iran) (Burn: 34.5% India, 24.8% Iran) (Drowning.: 42.4% India, 9.4% Iran) (Falling down.: 38.6% India, 27.2% Iran) (Poisoning.: 35.2% India, 18.3% Iran))

Conclusion The study revealed that the instructional manual about selected common accidents and prevention of these between children was effective to increase and modifying knowledge among parents.

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