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When all is at stake: understanding advocacy
  1. J Chambers*
  1. Correspondence Safekids New Zealand, PO Box 26488 Epsom, Auckland 1344, New Zealand


This presentation uses a Buzz Lightyear approach to child injury prevention advocacy. One of the stars of the Pixar animated movie Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear does not realise he is just a toy, he believes he is a real spaceman and can fly. The unfolding of his understanding of his true status does not, however, inhibit his ability to become a hero.

Child injury prevention advocacy is the constructive, truthful and compelling use of evidence to inform experts, decision makers, media, community organisations and individuals about effective ways to reduce the numbers of New Zealand children who experience unintentional injury.

This presentation explores the ways we understand and use advocacy, scopes some of the real hurdles for child injury prevention advocates, considers the usefulness of tools such as stakeholder analysis and economics and then looks into ‘the Beyond’ of what we are try to do, as advocates, every day.

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