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Testing knowledge gain at car seat checks
  1. K Rosenthal*,
  2. J Moss,
  3. R Schween,
  4. S J Smith,
  5. S Langenburg
  1. Correspondence Children's Hospital of Michigan, 3901 Beaubien Detroit, MI 48201, USA


Purpose Michigan mirrors the rest of the United States in motor vehicle deaths being the leading killer of children 1 through 14 years of age.

Methods Car seat checks (CSC) are commonly held throughout the United States, but how do we know if those checks are making a difference to the safety of children. To assess if the education provided increased parents/caregivers understanding regarding child passenger safety, in January, 2009 we started administering knowledge based pre and post-tests at CSCs to all parents/caregivers receiving education.

In 2009, 251 parents completed tests at a CSC. The pretest was composed of 22 questions; seven personal information and 15 questions based on general child passenger safety guidelines. Three separate unique post-tests were used indentifying the type of child restraint needed for each child; rear facing, forward facing and booster seats, each comprised of five questions. The family completed the post-test(s) that correspond with the seats checked/distributed, so one or all three tests may have been used.

Results The pretest average score was 61%. The post-test average score was 83%. Showing an overall increase in knowledge of 36%. Some of the areas of greatest increase include; safest seating location in vehicles had an increase of 57%, length of time for a child to be rear facing increased by 52% and proper usage of backless booster seats increased 184%. The increase in post test score is statistically significant using a CI of 95% we obtained z-score of 5.21.

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