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Prevention of violence against women in Russia
  1. M Kachaeva*
  1. Correspondence Serbsky National Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Kropotkinsky per, 23, 119992, Russian Federation


Violence against women is a troubling phenomenon in Russia. Recent sociological studies suggested that violence against women takes place in one out of the four Russian families. Unfortunately there are no laws on domestic violence in Russian legislation. Meanwhile there is a noticeable growth of interest to this problem from researchers and scientists. Much good work is also being done by non-governmental organisations that render help and support to the victims of domestic cruelty. The research has revealed that intimate partner abuse against women often results in psychological and mental health problems. Clinical assessment of women who were victims of violent behaviour of husbands or partners has revealed different depressive symptoms, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress and somatic disorders, suicidal tendencies. The most serious consequences of violence against women are the cases when victim becomes perpetrator. Women of this clinical group underwent forensic psychiatric assessment as they had committed homicides of their husbands and partners whose violence escalated in frequency and severity.

The research shows the necessity of domestic violence prevention either by civilised legal provisions or by multidisciplinary research with the participation of public health specialists, psychologists, sociologists. This research will help to address the problem to politicians and policy makers in order to create national plan of actions to combat violence against women.

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