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Epidemiological survey of the road-related traffic injury in the pedestrian of school children in Shen Zhen
  1. Z Li*,
  2. G Dong
  1. Correspondence Shenzhen CDC, No 21, Tianbei 1#Road, Luohu, Dist, Shenzhen 518020, China


Objective To find out the characteristic of road-related traffic injury to the pedestrian of school children in Shenzhen, and provide reference basis for controlling and preventing road traffic-related injury to juvenile.

Method 27 125 school students from 21 primary or middle school were investigated, layer analysis from whole population is used to draw sample.

Results The ratio of road-related traffic injury to the pedestrian of school children in Shen Zhen in 2007 is 5.1%. The highest (7.3%) ratio of injury among students is riding to school. Pavement (29.4%) and uptown road (18.1%) are the major place to have accident. Arm and leg are the major parts of body suffering from the injury. In addition, characteristics of the injury is that flesh wound such as scratch and wrench are the major constituent of the injury, which occupy a percentage of 61.3% in the wounded students. Moreover, 15% of the injured students were found functional disability.

Conclusion Primary and middle school students are the major casualties of road-related traffic injury in school children. The vehicles caused trouble are mainly composed of bicycles, but the extent of the injury caused by the mini-motor vehicle is more severe. Furthermore, perfecting the means of transportation and strengthening the executing of law is also needed to prevent the and decrease the traffic injury.

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