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Child injury prevention in the practice of paediatricians
  1. V Benesova,
  2. I Truellova*
  1. Correspondence Centre for Injury Prevention, University Hospital Motol V Uvalu 84 Prague 5, Czech Republic


The most common cause of the deadly injuries of children in the Czech Republic are traffic accidents, intentional self-harm and drowning. The most numerous injuries treated in the healthcare centres happen at home and in the vicinity of the house during leisure time. Compared with EU best rating countries the Czech injury rates are twice higher. Following the analysis of the child injury dates the Ministry of Health has decided to focus on the health advice provided by paediatricians. All children in Czech Republic must be registered with the specialist in child and adolescent health and attend to the regular and obligatory health preventive checks up to 19 years. Home environment in the Czech Republic tends to be traditional not liable to changes. The parents are not able to realize the existing risks and should be coached in the basic safety rules. This role can be well filled by the child and adolescent healthcare practitioner. But the paediatrician often do not have proper knowledge in the field of injury and violence prevention, need the information on specific risks and preventive means. Ministry of Health prepares a methodical concept for paediatricians to provide them with a tool in form of unified manual to educate parents and children in accident prevention and identify the possible risks. This will be recommended as a part of preventive health checks. The effectiveness of prevention is based on the important role of the paediatrician as a family advisor and parents trust in his skills.

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