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Road safety for Xe-Om riders in Hoa An Bus Station, Da Nang City, Vietnam
  1. N Nguyen Phuong*,
  2. K Xuyen,
  3. T Nguyen,
  4. J Passmore
  1. Correspondence WHO, 63 Tran Hung Dao street, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam


Xe-om (motorbike-taxi) is a very popular form of passengers transportation in Vietnam. However, xe-om riders have little knowledge about quality helmet, ways of correct use and the risks of drink driving. This initiative provided education on helmet use and drink-driving prevention for them at Hoa An Bus Station, Da Nang City, aiming at improving their own and passengers' safety. Pre and post evaluations were conducted to assess the changes in KAP of xe-om riders after interventions.

Activities 120 xe-om riders were targeted for interventions from February to October 2009. Xe-om riders were given trainings and practice on selecting quality helmets and its correct use. Risks of drink driving were also provided through talks, and visual education materials. Hoa An bus station management and health staff provided random monitoring & day-to-day enforcement of helmet use.

Results Helmet wearing was maintained at 100% among xe-om riders. Rate of drink driving reduced to 6.7% (2009) from 67.8% (2008). Knowledge on selection of quality helmet has also increased sharply. Important quality criteria such as EPS liner or the shell have increased from 26.27% to 97.45% and 13.56% to 100%, respectively. Knowledge of correct helmet use such as wearing upright on head with straps fitted below the chin has increased from 36% to over 95%.

Conclusions Selected education and communication activities for target group coupled with close monitoring and enforcement can bring positive changes to the practice of xe-om riders.

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