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Reveal the sexual abuse in children and adolescents: analysis of the invisibility of the problem on the epidemiological and clinical perspective, legal. Recife/Brazil
  1. M C Maia e Silva*,
  2. A M De Brito,
  3. R Tavares,
  4. J L Corra de Arajo,
  5. A De Lima Araujo
  1. Correspondence Prefeitura do Recife, rua major Codeceira, 194 Santo Amaro Recife/PE, 50.100-070, Brazil


This study presents a critical reflection surrounding the invisibility of sexual violence against children and adolescences in the epidemiology and legal perspective. Discussing the magnitude and the impact of sexual violence in children and adolescences quality of life, identifying the occurrence of sexual violence among mothers under the age of 14, residents in Recife, in the year 2005 until June 2007, referring to the presumed violence defined by law and an analysis of 2.031 sexual reports have been done in 1.144 children and adolescences. The results showed that 27% of the interviewed mothers have a former history of sexual violence, they live in poor condition social areas, have low schooling, and half of these families belong to an enrolled program named Bolsa Familia. The maternal grandmothers are the main responsible ones to provide economically for the children, having more than 60% of adolescence mothers being responsible for their own babies. The Judicial system needs to adopt better knowledge in protocols and interview techniques in these cases and have capability and disciplined teams, avoiding in being re-victimized and impunity. After all, this is a theme that every time is becoming much more emergent, sexual violence still continues being subnotified and of difficult diagnosis, needing better investigations to improve this invisibility.

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