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Association between child road safety behaviour and prevention activities
  1. B Strukcinskiene*
  1. Correspondence Faculty of Health Sciences, Klaipeda University, Klaipeda, Lithuania


Introduction Lithuanias child road traffic injury rates are still among the highest in the European Region. The aim of study is to establish association of child road safety behaviour with prevention activities.

Materials and Methods A survey of schoolchildren was conducted. Chi-square test and Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) were used.

Results In the survey 403 boys and 531 girls, aged 10 to 19 years participated. 16.8% schoolchildren were injured in traffic accident, most of them once (71.3%). The survey revealed that childrens road safety behaviour is not always acceptable in accordance with road safety factors. In most cases the girls behave significantly more safely in road traffic compared with boys. The study results also showed the reason, why children do not use safety equipment, such as: reflectors and helmets. Almost half of respondents do not own the equipment. Some schoolchildren did not like their design, or did not believe that reflectors or helmets would help to enhance safety. The survey revealed that schoolchildren's behaviour in traffic was more acceptable of those who participated in preventive activities and received materials or safety equipment. The correlation coefficient demonstrates the medium positive correlation between road safety behaviour and prevention (r=0.424, p<0.001).

Conclusions Girls road safety behaviour is more acceptable than that of boys. A medium correlation was obtained between schoolchildren's road safety behaviour and prevention. Road traffic injury prevention activities for children in Lithuania need to be enhanced.

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