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Analysis of school based student injury surveillance project in Shenzhen, China
  1. Z Li,
  2. Y Bitao,
  3. L Tao,
  4. X Wu,
  5. G Dong,
  6. X Liu*
  1. Correspondence Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention, No 21, Tianbei 1st Road, Luohu district, Shenzhen 518020, China


Objective To explore the characteristic of student injury in school, so as to provide scientific prevention strategy for student injury.

Methods There were 20 school injury surveillance points chosen by cluster sampling in six districts of Shenzhen. The surveillance data were collected by school physician using injury report form, and send to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention from 1 September 2006 to 31 August 2009.

Results During the three school years, there were 765 student injuries, 629 boys and 136 girls. Fall was the first injury type of student. The frequent body regions involved in student injuries was up limb (43.7%), lower limb (25.9%) and head (25.4%). Cut, bite, open wound (32.0%) and fracture (30.7%) were the most injury consequence, and the majority location of student injury occurred in school (73.9%). Almost student injuries were moderate and minor, and half of the medical cost was 101–500 RMB. The student injury was significant difference among school types, injury locations and body parts.

Conclusion The student injury surveillance based on school is good way to learn the natures of student injuries. Prevention strategies can be made according to these natures to reduce the student injuries in Shenzhen in the future.

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