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Health status of workers of the mining industry Erdenet in Mongolia
  1. G Otgon*
  1. Correspondence Department of Health Sciences, University of Mongolia, MNG, UB, BGD, 6 bichil.24–76, Mongolia


Aim The aim of our research work is to examine the respiratory system of the workers in the mining industry Erdenet of Mongolia.

Objectives To prepare FAQ for revealing respiratory diseases. To determine the lung expiratory volumes by Spiro meters.

Methods We conducted a survey about FAQ of the respiratory tract using a modified questionnaire of European countries. Respiratory volume was revealed by common method, Spiro meters.

Results A survey was conducted among 1016 people, aged 20–59 (average 38.3+0.24) and they have worked from 1 year to 45 years in the mining industry. 18% of them have worked 1–5 years, 20.1% - 6–10 years, 23.5% - 11–15 years, 10.4% - 16–20 years, 24.1% - 21–25 years, 6% - more than 26 years. We revealed symptom of cough and taxypnoe among workers who have worked there for 5–10 years by questionnaire. By Spirometer 43 people diagnosed with asthma, 76 people with bronchitis. 11% of the people had asthma after working for 20–25 years, 4.8% - 26–30 years, 16.7% - 31–35 years, 38.1% - 36–40 years, 21.4% - 41–45 years, 7.1% - more than 45 years. More frequency of bronchitis was revealed among workers who worked more than 10 years.

Conclusion We observed that the most frequently diseases among the workers are bronchitis and asthma. They usually have bronchitis after working 10 years, asthma after working 30 years.

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